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Auto Frame Repair Shop in Brandon, FL

Make Custom Classics Collision & Motorcycle Refinishing, LLC your go-to auto frame repair shop in Brandon when there is damage to your car frame. As a comprehensive auto collision repair service, we understand the importance of being able to repair and straighten frames in addition to exterior auto body work. You can count on us to restore every part of your vehicle, including severely bent or broken frames.

Car Accident in Brandon, FL

Do You Need an Auto Frame Repair Service?

After a car accident, the damage to your vehicle is often blatantly apparent. There may be multiple dents in the bumper or more extensive damage to the doors or hood. There can also be noticeable damage to the frame of your vehicle. When your frame is bent or broken, you need a skilled car frame repair shop to fix it. We have the equipment and expertise to repair the frame of any type of car or truck.

Sometimes you may not notice the damage to your vehicle's frame. If you took it to another auto body shop for repairs and they did not do the job correctly, you may have the exterior of your car restored with a damaged frame underneath. If your car does not look or feel right when you are driving, you may need a professional to fix the frame. Our auto frame straightening service is accurate and dependable, so your vehicle's frame will have the exact shape it is supposed to have.

Expert Car Frame Repair Shop

Not every auto body shop is also an auto frame repair shop. We are proud to be one of the few area shops that has the advanced equipment needed to provide customers with a reliable auto frame repair service. Our team does excellent work with auto body and frame repairs so you can come to us for the repairs you need no matter what type of vehicle you drive.

Contact us today to learn more about frame damage and when you need our auto frame repair service. We proudly serve Brandon, Valrico, East Tampa, Seffner, and Riverview, Florida.